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Stapleton Family Karate | Tae Kwon Do Programs

Stapleton Family Karate is Stapleton's premier Martial Arts school. We use Karate to teach priceless life skills to the children in our communtiy. These life skills include Confidence, Perserverance, Respect, Focus, and Self Control. Stapleton Family Karate is family owned and operated by Micah Martin and his wife. Together with their professional staff they are commited to making every student have a blast learning karate. We make your life easier by teaching an activity you and your child will love class after class. Not only do we make the program fun and exciting for your child but we will help your child live and richer and more fufilling life by teaching them the traditional values slowly fading from the world today. Ask yourself, How far will your child go in life when we teach them they can do anything they set their mind too? Call us at 303-928-0043 to schedule your first class and set your child up for success today!



Stapleton Family Karate
4605 Quebec St, Suite B7
Denver, CO 80216
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